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Mamaxpert Intimate Wash

Mamaxpert Intimate Wash

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Intimate Hygiene Wash

About the Product

During Pregnancy, your intimate area becomes more vulnerable to infections.

In such times, you need something more effective than water & less harmful than a soap.

Meet Mamaxpert Intimate Hygiene Wash, your Intimate Hygiene essential!


Cares and protects for intimate area

Soothes itching

Reduces unpleasant odour

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How to use


Pour few drops on your hands & form lather.


Apply to external vaginal area.


Rinse thoroughly with water.


Tea Tree Oil

Prevents itching, irritation & discomfort

Neem Extracts

Antibacterial, Protects against infections

Lactic Acid

Maintains normal vaginal pH balance between 3.5 and 4.5

PH Balance

Why maintaining pH balance
is crucial for Moms?

During pregnancy, hormonal changes disrupt the normal vaginal environment. Washing oyur intimate area with regular soap or water that are alkaline in nature can lead to a pH imbalance, making it prone to infections.

Mamaxpert intimate wash helps maintain a normal vaginal pH balance of 3.5-4.5, during and post pregnancy.

Brand Promises

Paraben Free

Irritants Free

SLS & SLeS Free

Safe during pregnancy