Early Signs of Pregnancy to Look Out For

Early Signs of Pregnancy to Look Out For

Are you or aren’t you? Not knowing whether you’re pregnant or if it’s a false alarm can be nerve-wracking. Well before that baby bump becomes visible, our body gives us little signs that we’re pregnant. They’re not always obvious, but if you know what to watch for, you could get wind of a possible pregnancy.

#1 A Missed Period

If you’re a woman whose menstrual cycles are very regular and are more than a week #overdue on your period , you could be pregnant. If you have an irregular cycle, this sign in isolation might not mean much – it could just be a routine delayed period. If you normally get your period like clockwork, it may be time to check if you’re expecting.

#2 Light Spotting And Cramping

When the egg attaches itself to the uterus, 10 to 14 days after conception, you might experience light spotting. Just remember, not everyone experiences this implantation bleeding. It may be accompanied by some cramping which feels like menstrual cramps.

#3 Tender Breasts

The hormonal changes your body experiences during pregnancy could cause your breasts to feel a little swollen, and more sensitive, tender, or sore than usual. Take heart, this will ease in a few weeks as the pregnancy progresses and your body adjusts.

#4 Elevated BBT

BBT or Basal Body Temperature is used as a signal to check when you’re ovulating (your BBT is higher at ovulation). If you’re pregnant, the BBT stays elevated well after ovulation. Check your BBT and if you see it’s still high even 18 or more days post-ovulation, you could be expecting.

#5 Fatigue

This is a frettingly common symptom of a whole host of things from serious illness to a simple lack of sleep. If your only symptom is fatigue it may not be from pregnancy. But if you think you could be pregnant it may be worth watching for other signs. This sign crops up as early as week 1 and is due to hormonal changes and the amped-up blood pumping to support the pregnancy.

#6 Mood Swings

For some women, the sudden hormonal changes can translate to sharp mood swings in the weeks following conception.

#7 Heightened Sense Of Smell

A heightened sense of smell in the early stages of pregnancy might put you off certain smells and foods. Those elevated estrogen levels are to blame.

#8 Nausea

Possibly the most well documented early sign of pregnancy in celluloid and print, nausea and/or vomiting usually crop up around weeks 4 to 6 of your pregnancy. However, some women may also experience nausea days after conception due to the sudden rush of hormones.

Accuracy Is Everything

When it comes to something as life-changing as pregnancy, don’t leave it to chance. While these signs are a way to possibly spot a pregnancy early on, they aren’t fool proof. But what if it feels like it is too soon to tell anyone else or even make that appointment with the doctor? That’s where a home pregnancy test comes in. It is quick and easy-to-use and best of all you can take the test in the privacy of your own home so your results are just known to you. More importantly, it is accurate. So you can nip any unnecessary anxiety stemming from ‘Am I/Am I not’ questions in the bud.

Pick up a #home pregnancy test kit at the chemist’s or just order one online if you’ve been experiencing any of these signs or think you might be pregnant and want to know for sure!

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