What Does Getting A Positive Pregnancy Test Result Mean?

What Does Getting A Positive Pregnancy Test Result Mean?

Home pregnancy test kits are a convenient and effective way for you to find out if you are pregnant. But what does getting a positive pregnancy test result mean? Are you definitely pregnant if you get a positive result? We have the answers.

What To Do If Your Pregnancy Test Is Positive

A positive result on a pregnancy test is usually indicated by the appearance of a double line or a cross or some other marking on the test. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you take the test so that you take it correctly and interpret the results the right way.

If you get a positive result on your pregnancy test, you need to schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist who can then help do a check-up and offer medical advice on the next steps. But first, you need to be sure the test you have taken is accurate.

Is Your Pregnancy Test Accurate?

If you suspect you might be pregnant, don’t rely on guesswork or ‘wait and watch’ for signs of pregnancy to alert you to the pregnancy. The best way to check if you are pregnant is to take a test.

You have a choice of going to a hospital or a clinic where they can do a pregnancy test (a sample of your blood is collected to test for the presence of HCG(human chorionic gonadotropin), also known as the pregnancy hormone); or you could opt for a home pregnancy test as a first step.

In general, if taken correctly, home pregnancy tests are 97 to 99% accurate and should be just as reliable as a blood test. The only difference is that the blood test can detect lower levels of HCG and return a positive result very early in the pregnancy even before a period is missed.

Confirmation Of A Pregnancy Test

Once you get a positive result on your home pregnancy test, you may still want to confirm this with a blood test at the clinic/hospital. If that’s the case, schedule an appointment to give your sample and wait for the results to reconfirm. Alternatively, some women wind up retaking the home pregnancy test with a new kit- that is fine too but is unlikely to return a different result. Ultimately, you will need to meet your gynecologist if you have a positive result.

Which Pregnancy Test Kit Is Best?

When it comes to a pregnancy test, you shouldn't take chances with less reliable test kits. Find one that is accurate, like the MamaXpert Pregnancy Test Kit, which is known for its consistent results.

In addition to the convenience of being able to take the pregnancy test anytime, anywhere, the MamaXpert Pregnancy Test Kit is also reliable. The one-step HCG test detects the pregnancy hormone (HCG) in your urine, providing accurate results. Even better, the test gives you a result in just 5 minutes, sparing you the long wait that accompanies a lab test.Order the Mamaxpert Pregnancy Kit to find out if you are pregnant. If you have a baby on the way, Mamaxpert also has a host of other products that can give you the gentle care your body needs during pregnancy and after. Learn more!

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