Top 10 Things To Help You Get Pregnant

Top 10 Things To Help You Get Pregnant

If you’re about to start trying to get pregnant, there are some ways to boost your chances of conceiving. Here are some simple tips that can support fertility and improve the odds in your favour.

#1 Stop Your Contraception

This should be your first step before you begin trying. If you are on a hormonal(estrogen or progestin) birth control like the pill or an intrauterine device(IUD), you should stop the contraception a little ahead of when you wish to conceive. While in theory, you can conceive as soon as you stop this birth control, most women conceive within a few months of going off their hormonal birth control. For barrier methods like condoms, you could potentially conceive right away.

#2 Know Your Cycle & Track Your Ovulation Date

It is important to know when your most fertile window is each month. For this, it helps to know your menstrual cycle and to calculate when you are most likely to ovulate. This is the window in which you should have sexual intercourse for the best chances of getting pregnant. An ovulation test kit can help. Learn more about how to track ovulation.

#3 Take Folic Acid

Folic acid plays a vital role in ensuring the healthy development of your baby, once you conceive. But experts also suggest that having folic acid before you start trying to get pregnant is important and may even help improve fertility.

#4 Eat Healthy!

Have a nutritious balanced diet that’s rich in fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber. This will ensure your body is at its best and is well nourished for the rigour of pregnancy. Pay particular attention to consuming iron-rich foods in addition to folic acid rich ingredients.

#5 Stay Active

Physical activity is a great stress buster and can make you feel more confident in your body. About 30 minutes of brisk walking or other moderate intensity exercises daily is enough unless you have weight loss goals, in which case you may need to work out for longer. In addition physical activity gets those endorphins or ‘feel-good’ hormones going, which should put you in a better frame of mind for intercourse. For those with metabolic problems or health conditions like PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) that may interfere with the ability to conceive, exercise can regulate the frequency of ovulation and help regularise menstrual cycles.

#6 Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Being underweight or overweight are both linked to challenges with getting pregnant. More importantly, being of healthy weight before you conceive can help you have a healthier pregnancy too!

#7 Maintain Good Vaginal Health

Ensure you don’t have any infections and maintain good vaginal hygiene in the leadup to pregnancy. Try using a good quality intimate wash like Mamaxpert Intimate Wash. It is safe to use during your pregnancy as well and will help maintain hygiene at a time when you’re more vulnerable to infections. It soothes itching, offers protection and care for the vaginal area, and also reduces any unpleasant odors.

#8 Get A Full Checkup

Some health conditions can interfere with your efforts to get pregnant. For instance, a hormonal imbalance or an uncontrolled health problem could increase the time it takes for you to conceive. Meet your gynaecologist and have a health check so that any such issues can be dealt with quickly to improve your chances of getting pregnant. If you are on medication for any existing conditions, run those by your doctor so they can check if any might interfere with your ability to conceive. Your doctor may suggest suitable alternatives.

#9 Try And Cut Your Stress Levels

Stress can interfere with your libido. If you are in a high-stress job or are anxious by nature, relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga can help. If these aren’t for you, try listening to some relaxing music or lighting some aroma candles or a diffuser with essential oils to help you unwind every day and get you in the mood.

#10 Start Trying - Regularly.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, the Mamaxpert Pregnancy Kit can help you know for sure. This kit can be used anytime, anywhere, and gives highly accurate results in under 5 minutes. Discover the full range of products from Mamaxpert, designed to give you the gentle care you need throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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