Leg Pain During Pregnancy And How To Handle It

Leg Pain During Pregnancy And How To Handle It

Pregnancy brings with it a few new aches and pains, but knowing how to manage them makes all the difference. If you’ve been troubled by leg pain during pregnancy, this feature shows you the best way to handle it.

What Causes Leg Pain During Pregnancy?

Weight gain is a natural effect of pregnancy. As the baby grows inside you and gets bigger, you gain weight too. The added weight increases the pressure in your abdomen and on your legs, compressing the blood vessels and nerves that supply and cater to the lower half of your body. The result is discomfort and pain in the legs. Such leg pain and cramps in the legs can even cause you to wake up at night resulting in unrestful sleep.

Other causes for leg pain from cramps could be a vitamin deficiency, an electrolyte imbalance, or exercising too little or too much.

The good thing is this leg pain usually goes away as soon as your baby arrives.

When Is Leg Pain Typical During Pregnancy?

Most women develop this problem in the second or third trimester when they start to gain weight more noticeably. In fact, by some accounts, nearly half of all expectant mothers experience muscle spasms or painful cramps in the legs. While you may experience different kinds of pain, when it comes to cramps, in particular, the pain affects the calf muscles and feet and lasts anywhere from a few seconds to as long as 10 minutes. The area may feel sore or painful for up to 24 hours.

How To Reduce Leg Pain During Pregnancy

Here are some simple tips that can help you manage pregnancy-related leg pain and cramps better.

  • Stretch your calf muscles - ask your doctor to recommend pregnancy-approved exercises that could help. Taking a walk every day may help.
  • Drink adequate water. Staying hydrated can help avoid cramps linked to dehydration.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that support your foot properly.
  • Apply a warm compress to the affected part of the leg - a warm bottle or a hot water bag will do.
  • Use a relaxing gel. There are products like Mamaxpert Legs Relaxing Gel that are specially designed to cater to pregnancy-linked leg pain. This topical gel improves local blood circulation in the legs, refreshing and soothing you. As the gel hydrates the skin, it relaxes your legs, adding to the feeling of comfort.

With this combination of easy tips and topical gel, you should soon be able to feel comfortable and go about your daily life unhindered. Remember to check with your doctor if you find the pain unbearable or experience swelling/tenderness.

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