Tips to Have a Safe Pregnancy

Tips to Have a Safe Pregnancy

The first steps to a safe and healthy pregnancy begin even before you start trying to conceive. What you do now can make all the difference to the days and months ahead. We’ve put together a convenient list of tips for you to follow both before you get pregnant and after.

Things To Do Before You’re Pregnant

There are some things you can do to start laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy even before you conceive. Here are the most important things any woman who is planning to have a baby should take care to do even before she is pregnant:

  • Start Taking Folic Acid: Ensure your diet is rich in folic acid. This nutrient plays a key role in the healthy development of the baby’s spinal cord and brain. You may not realise you are pregnant until a few weeks into the pregnancy, so increasing folic acid intake before you start trying makes good sense.
  • Ensure Your Iron Intake Is Adequate: Get your iron and haemoglobin levels checked. If your haemoglobin levels are low, your doctor may prescribe an iron supplement. However, whether or not you check your levels, it is a good idea to try and increase your intake of iron-rich foods like meats, dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruit, and beans. Iron deficiency anemia can be problematic during pregnancy, so it is best to check beforehand so you can increase dietary intake or get a supplement prescribed.
  • Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene: Maintain vaginal hygiene; use a good quality intimate hygiene wash like Mamaxpert Intimate Wash. It will reduce itchiness in the vaginal area, and help maintain the normal vaginal pH balance that harsh soaps can sometimes upset. With natural healing and protective ingredients like antibacterial neem extracts and tea-tree oil, this is a safe product even during pregnancy so keep using it even after you conceive.
  • Stop Smoking: If you are a smoker, try to stop smoking as it can make it harder for you to conceive. You should continue to stay off smoking for the duration of your pregnancy as smoking has also been linked to tissue damage in the unborn baby.
  • Check For Any Infections: Certain sexually transmitted infections(STIs) can cause preterm births and even be passed on as infections to the baby. It is important to get any STIs treated before you conceive.
  • Maintain A Healthy Body Weight: If you’re overweight or below your normal weight range, it can make it harder to conceive.

Things To Do After You’re Pregnant For A Safe Pregnancy

Once you find out you are pregnant, there are a few additional things that you can do to make your pregnancy a healthy one.

  • Eat Healthy Nourishing Meals: Ensure your meals contain a balance of protein, whole grains, healthy fats, dairy, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Consult a nutritionist if need be, to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you and your growing baby need.
  • Stop Alcohol Intake: If you drink alcohol, stop the consumption of any alcohol immediately. Alcohol consumption can raise the risk of miscarriage, preterm births, and low birthweight babies.
  • Stay Active: Try and maintain a healthy active lifestyle with exercise as approved by your doctor. Moderate-intensity exercise on a daily basis is recommended for most pregnant women to have a healthy pregnancy, and could include anything from a swim to a brisk walk or even dancing.
  • Avoid infections that can elevate the risk to your pregnancy - for instance, herpes, rubella(German measles), chickenpox, and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Be Aware Of Your Body: Be mindful and aware of your body throughout your pregnancy. This will help you notice any unusual symptoms during pregnancy and will enable you to consult your doctor in a timely fashion if anything seems off.

With these simple precautions, you should be well prepared for pregnancy. Remember, this is a time to focus on looking after yourself and nurturing the new life inside you, so make sure you prioritise your health in the months ahead.

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