Things To Ignore When You’re Pregnant

Things To Ignore When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful experience of your life - if you allow it to be. It is important to make these 9 months about you and your baby. Focus on your body, your health, and your future with your baby and block out all negativity. It is natural to feel jittery about some things, but it is a good idea to try and focus on things in your control and things that make you feel happy to have a stress-free pregnancy.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common concerns women have during pregnancy that affect their emotional and mental wellbeing - and tell you why they aren’t as big an issue as you may think. Here are the top 5 things to ignore when you’re pregnant!

#1 Eating Enough For Two

While people around you may joke around about ‘eating for two’, the reality is you don’t have to stuff yourself and worry about ‘eating enough’ when pregnant. Instead, just ensure your diet is balanced, nutritious, healthy, and that you eat when you’re hungry. Consult a nutritionist or speak to your doctor if you’re worried. Just know the few foods to avoid when pregnant and you’ll be fine!

#2 Returning To Work

This should be the last thing on your mind. You‘ll have plenty of time to work out when to return to work once your baby arrives and you settle into a rhythm. Each baby and its needs - and yours - will be different. Avoid comparing yourself to other women at your workplace. This isn’t a race to see who took the least maternity leave. Make your own road. Instead, focus on a handover plan for whoever is stepping in for you during maternity leave so that you don’t have to worry about work in the last weeks of pregnancy and after delivery.

#3 Not Having A Social Life Anymore

If you’re one of the first in your circle of friends to have a baby you might be worried about being unable to join in the fun impromptu late shows, midnight dhaaba outings, or even clubbing. Remember, a baby is going to bring you a whole world of joy unlike any other and may even expand your social circle to other mums like you. Most new moms end up spending a lot of time with their babies not because they don’t have a choice, but because they enjoy this new phase of their life. And your social life won’t disappear, you can still make time to meet friends. If you have parents or siblings who can babysit for short bursts or a partner who can take charge of his baby, you can even plan girls night out or date nights like before.

#4 Being Inexperienced With Looking After Babies

You’re not alone in this fear. Most new parents have never handled a baby - barring a little cradling of a friend or family member's child - before they have their own. But you’ll find your way. There’s a lot to be said for mother’s intuition - rely on it and trust yourself. And remember you aren’t in this alone. You have your family, your friends, your baby’s pediatrician, and perhaps even a housekeeper or nanny who will help and support you through raising this child.

#5 Being Happy ALL The Time During Pregnancy

This isn’t humanly possible. Our emotions span the range of good and bad and pregnancy is no different. You might even be more emotional than usual. Don’t let other people’s expectations be forced upon you. Ignore any statements to “be happy, you’re pregnant”. When you hit a rough patch, talk it out with a friend or family member. If things get really tough, speak to a counsellor. Allow yourself the down days and focus on things that help you find peace and joy at that time rather than feeling guilty that you’re not happy. That pressure might make you feel worse rather than better, so be sure to ignore those voices.

Not Sure You’re Pregnant?

If you haven’t confirmed your pregnancy yet, but are feeling the early symptoms of pregnancy, it may be time to get yourself an accurate pregnancy test kit to find out for sure. The Mamaxpert Pregnancy Kit is an accurate and reliable way to know if you have a baby on the way. This test is easy to use and gives you results in a few minutes in the privacy of your home.

Make the most of every moment of your pregnancy and motherhood - block out things that trouble you and avoid listening to anything that stresses you out. This is YOUR journey, make it about you.

Find out more about what lies ahead on your pregnancy journey on the Mamaxpert blog - a vibrant community with expert-backed advice and the experiences of other mothers and mums-to-be.

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